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Computer Sales And Leases Mississauga

OPTIMA's clients all want to know the answer to the same five word question, "How much will it cost?"; and answering that question is usually the first thing we do for a client; but that's really just the beginning. As soon as clients get their answer, they want to know if they're getting the best possible value for their money, how they can reduce the price without compromising the level of service, or whether the project can be completed according to the ambitious deadline that's been
forecasted. That's where OPTIMA's people really earn their marks. 

Computer Sales And Leases Mississauga
Our Computer Sales And Leases Mississauga are priced very competitively within the information technology marketplace- despite having won awards for our technical & business excellence.

The hardware we offer carries the highest industry rating and "best of industry" warranties - besides being priced more competitively than inferior offerings. 

Our engrained and continuously promoted "culture of service" ensures total ownership and accountability on our projects and service calls.

Our projects stay on time, on budget, and receive the most praise within our industry.

Computer Sales And Leases Mississauga
Try out our services during a free two hour service call. You've got nothing to loose and everything to gain.


OPTIMA IT Consulting's services are listed below:

Needs Analysis.                                                                 Data Recovery.

Network Design, Implementation                                   Hardware and Software Purchasing

and Maintenance.                                                               and Leasing.

Wireless and Network Security.                                      Custom Software Development and

Business Interruption and Disaster                               Database Design.

Recovery Planning.                                                            Remote Computer Support and

Web Design.                                                                       Administration .

Computer and Software Training                                   Technical Support Plans.  

and Coaching.                                                                    Information Technology Project Management.




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